Spring and Summer Bucket List!

Heya everyone! Are y’all ready for spring? I AMM!!! (Not to mention summer … *barely restrains myself from screaming* Okay, I’m settling down, don’t worry … XD

The first time I saw a blogger’s bucket list was Ainsley Beth’s Summer Bucket List, which totally inspired me to start one! I am so excited to finally be posting this, hopefully y’all can draw some inspiration from this and I can refer back to it to see how much I actually got done!

  • go backpacking in the mountains
  • go hiking several times
  • practice and play volleyball with friends
  • picnic at the beach
  • host a party and invite all my friends that I never see XD
  • go camping with my girlfriends
  • sort out old toys
  • wear zero make-up (sunscreen? It’s optional!)
  • apply for an internship
  • take a night walk through a city
  • legit just sit down and watch a sunrise .. and a sunset!
  • don’t be afraid to talk to people … introduce myself in a friendly and confident manner, and ask them about themselves.
  • go horseback riding
  • learn to dance *covers face*
  • build a night bonfire on the beach
  • sit on swings and talk with friends
  • take a kayak trip
  • get to Lesson 100, Grade 11
  • write rock, country, pop, and worship songs (2 each, all with a unique melody) and six non-lyrical tunes
  • organize my blogging a bit more, divided into my three blogs
  • read allllll my electrics books (I think there’s about … 30?)
  • go on a solo hike
  • bake something I never have before (like a lemon meringue pie …)
  • go berry picking
  • do fireworks … just because!

Here on, my bucket list consists of some things that are snitched from Megan’s 50 Things To Do This Spring! 😜 Go check it out, its an amazing post! 🤗

  • Walk first thing in the morning
  • Make smoothies
  • Go to a farmers market (yesyesyes!!)
  • Braid my hair with flowers in it (I have never done this, but now that Megan’s inspired me to, I’m going to have to try it! XD)
  • Do a field photoshoot

Well, that’s it for now! (Maybe I’ll come back and add more later, haha! I hope you all have an amazing spring, and an amazing summer, and an amazing day, and an amazing week … and an amazing life! Just be amazing, okay? XD


28 thoughts on “Spring and Summer Bucket List!

    • makaylajesalyn

      Whew, that’s an awesome goal!! I’m excited to keep working on my WIP … but only after I’ve gotten the most out of the short summer! 🤣 Thanks so much, JC!!

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  1. Megan

    This is so so fun and seasonal, I love it Makayla!!! wow, i love love love some of your ideas, I’m definitely going to go to be stealing some of them, haha! I love the idea of sitting down and watching a sunrise- when I’m done with school on WEDNESDAY (excitement levels through the roof!!!) I might do a week or something where I get up really early every single morning and watch the sunrise! I also really want to go kayaking- it’s so much fun!! Agh, and it’s so fun that you liked some of my ideas too, thanks for being so supportive as always! 💛 This post was awesome!! 🤗💕

    Liked by 2 people

    • makaylajesalyn

      Aww, thank you so much, Megan! You know when you write a post that totally inspires you? I’m so inspired by this one! 😂 ohhh yes, I definitely have to use some of yours, and yassss, I want everyone to do this awesomeness!! 😅
      Have an amazing day, girl!


  2. Chloë

    Oooh, these all sound fun! You’ve already seen my summer bucket list, but I think I’ll have to ass some more to it. XD
    Oooh, have you ever heard of punitions? They’re a lot of fun to bake, if you’re looking for something new.

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  3. Noelle

    I LOVE these! They are so fun! I love the outdoors so I totally agree with your list! 😉 I really want to do a hike with a full moon as the only light?!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy crossing everything off your bucket list this summer/spring, Makayla! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • makaylajesalyn

      Thanks so much, Noelle! Ooh, that sounds like a neat hike idea! Yesssss, I love the outdoors too, if ya couldn’t tell from my bucket list! 😅😝

      Liked by 1 person

    • makaylajesalyn

      Ahhh yesss, I’m an inspiration! *fist pump* oooohhh, when you’re done with your winter bucket list you should post it on your personal blog! (Which may or may not make ME want winter … or at least be excited when it rolls around! 😂) aww thanks girl, I hope you have the best of winters! 🤗


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