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Work Hard. Dream Big.

Welcome to my world!


Living With Excellence.

Pressure builds until you think you’ll either explode or give in to the world. I’m here to encourage you to stay strong in the faith while we live on this earth, and to mix it with a little fun, finesse, and excellence!

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Continual Learning.

High school is only for a time, but we are learning throughout our whole lives! I love writing and hope that you will enjoy my essays and assignments and find them interesting and thought-provoking!

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The Kingdom of God!

You are fully known by our amazing God! I firmly believe that He changes lives through His powerful Word. Let His love become evident, living, and active in your life today!

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I seek to inspire others, and bring a little fun to regular life!

My Strategy
  • Dig into The Word. It is your flashlight to the world.
  • Dig in your heels. Life is here to stay, and you can do it!
  • Dig into what you can do, right here, right now, and do your very best.

“Sometimes you feel like you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.”


Hey all! Becoming a better you doesn’t happen overnight, but y’know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Have a little confidence!

About Me

Its hard to be a teenager, trust me, I know! I’m here to help – if I can encourage just one girl, that’ll be enough! #ucanDOit!

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You can talk to me at the Contact page. I’d love to talk anytime! #here4u!

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The Most Important Thing …

Don’t ever say, “I can’t understand the Bible, ’cause I’m not an adult.” You can! #rooting4u!

My Mission Statement!


  • “This is such a wonderful post! I feel like when we accomplish something, we immediately want and sometimes believe that it was because of our strength, our talent, our own motivation and determination. But we need to be continually thanking the Lord for His strength, His wisdom, and His determination to stick with US when we fall short. So true that we need to thank God for giving us our talents, our motivation, our determination!!” ❤ ❤ (On Goals and Habits: Is it God’s Will?)


  • “Makayla, this was brilliant!! I loved reading, and everything you said is so true. I agree – if we let other things consume our identity then we won’t ever feel satisfied or complete – the only way to feel fully whole is to place our identity only in Jesus Christ!” (On Inner Beauty, Part 4)


  • “Such good thoughts, Makayla! This is a lesson I’ve had to continually learn over the course of my life. I feel like relying on God’s strength is something we have to purpose to do each day, every moment, every decision. Thank you for this reminder!” (On Leaning on My Own Understanding)