About Me!

Hello, my lovely friends and followers! Welcome to my blog!

I’m a young woman who strives to show my faith in my life. I have a heartfelt desire to delve deep in God’s Word and search for The Truth. I’m interested in a wide range of topics and hobbies, but on this blog I mainly post on my academics assignments and personal life (and the many, many lessons I’m learning that I think may be interesting or inspiring to other readers who are ready to get serious about life and faith!)

First, a quick overview. The “Faith” section contains articles on Biblical passages, topics, and principles. In the “Academics” section, I post my essay assignments for the Ron Paul Curriculum, a liberty-minded online homeschool curriculum. The section called “BeautifulYou” is geared toward young men and women who want to follow God’s Will in everything from their fitness regimen to the inner condition of their heart.

I’m passionate about my faith. Some young believers are quick to say they believe, but are also quick to fall in step with the things of the world. I believe that as a Christ-followers, we are called to be holy and set-apart for God. My faith is my life, and it’s my hope that all who come into contact with me will see God’s wonderful work in me and my life.

I have so many interests that I’m sure you and I have something in common! To name a few, I enjoy horseback riding, hiking, playing volleyball, kayaking, swimming, attending awesome summer camps, learning languages, singing, painting, writing songs/stories/blog posts/essays, and playing the piano, guitar, mandolin, and violin!

I love meeting new people and making friends, so don’t be afraid to drop me a comment or chat here! Chances are, if you ever happen to meet me, I’m the girl with the pencil dangling from her hair, delighted to meet you!