How to get your Beauty Sleep!

We all know the feeling … rolling over in bed, so warm. Glancing out the window, the sun rudely awakens us with its cheery glow, but all we care about is tuning out everything so we can get rid of that headache! Why, oh WHY did we stay up SO LATE last night?

Staggering over to the mirror to soothe our parched throat with water, we almost faint at the sight of our face. Deep circles give your eyes an … interesting look. “Wish purple circles were in,” we groan as we splash our faces, hoping to banish the puffy eyes before our appointment at 9:00 AM … in 30 minutes!?

Yes, yes, we’ve all been there. It’s awful! How do we keep it from happening again?

Your sleep isn’t an annoying necessity, its a helpful one. But in order to make it work for us, we need to disconnect from the norm and plug into efficiency! Ready?

  1. Go down early! Yes, thats right, early!! (I’ve found that being in bed with lights out at 9:30 will somehow cause me to wake up at around 5:30, and fall back again until 7:00!! Craziest thing! Maybe it’s just me … but wouldn’t you like to try it?) I heard an interesting thing once … an hour of sleep before midnight counts as TWO hours after midnight! Trust me … it works!
  2. Prepare yourself and your body. Drink a glass or two of water beforehand, so that you don’t wake up totally dehydrated and zapped of energy.
  3. Get yourself most comfortable. I tend to like sleeping in a cool, totally quiet room with dusky lighting and heavy covers. Whatever works for you, do it!
  4. Wind down and clear your head. I read the Bible, draw, comb my hair, or journal. Sniffing essential oils has helped me tremendously … I love to put Peppermint essential oil in my FÜM and breathe it in before bed while I read!

Why go to all this work, though? Because …

  1. A teenager needs 8-10 hours of sleep to function properly in school and work, avoid headaches and sickness, and keep energy levels up. You have a growing body, and you want it to grow as much as possible, as strong as it can, so nurture it with sleep!
  2. … But not too much sleep. Too much can dull your senses and make you feel lazy and even more tired. Sometimes the early riser takes the cake!

I hope this helped you with some tips for a beautiful beauty sleep! 😂

See y’all!