Simplifying Lifestyle

Heyyy y’all!

Ever seem like life is just way too busy? I know I’ve felt that way sometimes! From sports and school to home life and hobbies, it can just pile up and get to be WAAAY too much! I love minimalistic lifestyles because it seems so much easier to see the beauty in the simple things and to focus on the other, more important, things.

I don’t mean to fill up the introduction with useless chatter, (because that would be cluttering up this post on simplicity) but I don’t want to oversimplify either! 😉

I’m not going to begin this in a fairy-tale manner “I can help you simplify your life!” Because simplifying your life isn’t easy. It’s hard. It’s really hard. But if you care enough about it, and your willing to work hard, then I know you can do it!!

So, without further ado, here are some tips that I know you will be able to use in your life to have more time, energy, and feel so much better about yourself and what you’re doing!

1. Get lots of sleep.

Try going to bed early, around 9:00. This will give your body time for plenty of sleep and you’ll probably wake up around 7:00, or earlier! You’ll feel more rested and have a jump start on your day.

2. Focus less on ‘doing’ and more on ‘accomplishing’

I know there are those days when you just need to “do” the laundry, your math, your violin practice, your cookie recipe, your room … but that’s a rat race you don’t want to get sucked into. Instead, congratulate yourself for everything you get done, that was worth doing.

I find it really helpful to write out a list of what I need to “do”, then as the check marks fill up along the page it restores my confidence and makes me feel like I really “accomplished” something important.

3. Take a break.

Sometimes we just need to take a break from something in your life, whether it’s an activity, your blog, school, or some other thing that occupies most of your time. Spend a few days or so in soul searching, relaxing, reprioritizing your goals, talking to God and delving into His Word. Commit yourself to change and you’ll emerge so much fresher and self-aware, and ready to dive back into your busy life again!

4. Switch it up.

Develop a new routine. Maybe you’re bored with just slapping on some tea tree and sunscreen every morning. Do something different and make it special! And if you have a really complicated routine, you know what I’m gonna say … keep it simple! Tone down a bit.

5. Cross it out.

Is there something holding you back from being PRODUCTIVE? Do you have a bad habit, spend too much time online, or are you feeling unmotivated? Conquer that mountain!!! Break that habit!! You can’t win a race wearing leg irons. Release that activity or habit, and do what you REALLY want to do, instead of what your brain says you want to do.

Don’t be afraid to stop doing things. If soccer practice is keeping you from writing quality essays, take a break. If you don’t have time for a babysitting job, don’t accept. When we have something serious going on in our family or we need to do a lot of seasonal farm work, we take a break from school, and that’s helped more than you can imagine!

6. Organize!!!!!

This is my FAVORITE ONE!!! I love to organize, clean, and design. At any given day (unless I was in a rush getting ready 🙄) you could come to my house and look at my room and it would be TOTALLY CLEAN! So if I can get passionate about cleaning, you can too! 😂

On a more serious note, I find it so much easier to be productive when I don’t have a mess distracting me. I’m sure you would find it helpful as well!

Have the best day ever! See y’all next time!



How to get your Beauty Sleep!

We all know the feeling … rolling over in bed, so warm. Glancing out the window, the sun rudely awakens us with its cheery glow, but all we care about is tuning out everything so we can get rid of that headache! Why, oh WHY did we stay up SO LATE last night?

Staggering over to the mirror to soothe our parched throat with water, we almost faint at the sight of our face. Deep circles give your eyes an … interesting look. “Wish purple circles were in,” we groan as we splash our faces, hoping to banish the puffy eyes before our appointment at 9:00 AM … in 30 minutes!?

Yes, yes, we’ve all been there. It’s awful! How do we keep it from happening again?

Your sleep isn’t an annoying necessity, its a helpful one. But in order to make it work for us, we need to disconnect from the norm and plug into efficiency! Ready?

  1. Go down early! Yes, thats right, early!! (I’ve found that being in bed with lights out at 9:30 will somehow cause me to wake up at around 5:30, and fall back again until 7:00!! Craziest thing! Maybe it’s just me … but wouldn’t you like to try it?) I heard an interesting thing once … an hour of sleep before midnight counts as TWO hours after midnight! Trust me … it works!
  2. Prepare yourself and your body. Drink a glass or two of water beforehand, so that you don’t wake up totally dehydrated and zapped of energy.
  3. Get yourself most comfortable. I tend to like sleeping in a cool, totally quiet room with dusky lighting and heavy covers. Whatever works for you, do it!
  4. Wind down and clear your head. I read the Bible, draw, comb my hair, or journal. Sniffing essential oils has helped me tremendously … I love to put Peppermint essential oil in my FÜM and breathe it in before bed while I read!

Why go to all this work, though? Because …

  1. A teenager needs 8-10 hours of sleep to function properly in school and work, avoid headaches and sickness, and keep energy levels up. You have a growing body, and you want it to grow as much as possible, as strong as it can, so nurture it with sleep!
  2. … But not too much sleep. Too much can dull your senses and make you feel lazy and even more tired. Sometimes the early riser takes the cake!

I hope this helped you with some tips for a beautiful beauty sleep! 😂

See y’all!