Lotsa Tags And Awards!!

Hello, all! This post is waaay overdue, and for that I am terribly sorry! But I hope y’all will still enjoy it, and that Laurel, Amber, and Chloe will be gracious even if they’re stewin’ a bit on the inside! XD (And, of course, Joy Caroline!) I told y’all I was hoarding these! 😅

First, the Reflections Blog Tag by Laurel Jean, from laurel-jean.com, for the Reflections Tag! Thanks you SO much, Laurel, I’m so excited!!

You guys, if there’s a blog that excites me, it’s Laurel’s! She posts about life, faith, the Bible, and even some of her own short stories! I definitely recommend following her blog if you want some deep, soul-searching and yet still fun, content to look forward to!

The rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Share 8 things that God has blessed and/or taught you in 2020.
  • Tag 5+ bloggers.

  1. Blessing – I’ve made many new friends, and deepened old friendships.

I’m a very relationship-oriented person, and I love connecting with new people! I have been so blessed with the many people in my life who have encouraged me in life and inspired me in faith. Cheers to all of you who have been so uplifting and stuck by me, even when I mess up!

2. Lesson – Be a friend to the friendless.

I’ve been feeling really convicted because I find that I’m not normally very welcoming to new people when we have people over. Sometimes it’s like I’m just “comfortable” being with the people I’ve known for a while, and I forget that there are people who are lonely, who need love just as much as my long-time friends do. So I’ve definitely been learning this a lot, every time I meet a new person.

3. Lesson – Trust and obey Him in all things.

It’s still so unclear just what it is that God wants me to take initiative and choose for my life, or what it is that HE wants to lead me into. But although the future remains unclear, I know that there are some things which He has commanded in His Word, and which I can obey with full confidence that I’m doing the right thing for me, right now. ❤

4. Lesson – Love

This is something that I’ve really been beginning to understand more in 2021, but I think it began in 2020. All my life, I have ‘believed’ that God existed, and for much of my life, I have learned about the Bible and my faith – but all the internal faith in the world is “dead faith” without the actions which prove it.

“All the faith in the world is “dead faith” without the actions to prove it.”

~ MakaylaJesalyn

I’ve been trying to act with love towards my family and friends, and with my family (since I’m always around them) it requires a lot of self-control to not do what I immediately feel like doing and to not say what I immediately feel like saying. With my friends, it has involved a lot of thinking about what would be the kind way to act towards them or the appropriate thing to say.

5. Blessing – my family. I have realized recently that my family is abnormally supportive, loving, and generous with me. I have been so blessed with my parents, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. ❤

6. Lesson – We have such a short window of time in which to love people, before life, hardships, and unforeseen opportunities get in the way. A friend of a friend of mine has gone missing recently, and praying for that situation has really made me ponder the atrocities of kidnapping and other abusive and immoral activities. It makes me feel the pain of the families who have lost their loved ones, and wish that I could do something about it, to try and make things a little brighter for them, or help them in some way.

7. Blessing – Living in a beautiful country, where spring is so gorgeous! XD

8. Lesson – Taking time to read The Word is really instrumental to spiritual growth. I go through phases where I read more than at other times, but I feel so much stronger when I’ve spent some time in the Bible, learning new things about God and His nature, and about the history of my faith.

Also, my beautiful friend Amber nominated me for the Bookworm Tag! You guys, her posts are so inspirational, fun, and beautiful, so please, do yourself a favor and follow her to see all her amazing upcoming posts!!

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The Rules:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
  • Include the tag graphic in your post
  • Answer the ten questions the blogger asked
  • Nominate between five and ten bloggers
  • Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!
  • Don’t feel bound to these rules
  • (Most importantly) Have fun!

OKAY guys! Let’s get started!!

  1. What is your favorite writing style? I don’t know any terms for writing styles, but I do know that I love lots of conversations, and either first person or third person are enjoyable. (Like anyone would write a book in second person … hehe.)
  2. On average, how long does it take you to read a 400 page book? If I abandon my schoolwork … 😅 … between 2 and 3 hours.
  3. What is your favorite book series? I LOVE the “Books of the Infinite” series by RJ Lawson! A friend loaned them to me, and they are just unspeakably amazing! (But I also enjoyed “The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister” and the “Left Behind” series.)
  4. If you were to write a book/novel, what type of book would it be? Probably adventure/mystery/historical fiction. Or a nonfiction advice book.
  5. Do you take the dust jacket (or ‘book cover protector’) off when reading a book? Never! (Unless I own it and it got ripped.)
  6. If you could only read 3 books for the rest of your life, what books would they be? The Bible .. *oh wow, I’ve been sitting here trying to think of two more but can’t* …
  7. Is there a certain book that you thought you’d hate, but ended up really liking it? Well, I don’t normally read books that I think I’ll hate … I honestly can’t think of one. There have been times, though, that I start out really excited for a book, but end up really hating how it goes.
  8. Would you prefer to read in a library, or in a park? PARK!! PARK!!! Did someone say, “walk?!” *pant, pant*

Well, now it’s time for me to nominate y’all!

(see bottom of post for 11 questions …)

And finally, we have the lovely Chloe nominating me for the Liebster Award (because I didn’t say no tag-backs. 😅) So thank you so much, Chloe!! I’m really excited to answer these questions! Chloe blogs about acting and really has a touch for writing, so y’all should be sure to check out her blog!!

Okay, now for the rules:

  1. First, thank the person who nominated you, include a link to their blog, and add the Liebster Award badge to your blog and/or post.
  2. Next answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
  3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers. (We just gwine ignore that liddle detail … ehehe.)
  5. Notify your nominees that you nominated them for the Liebster Award.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, ask your nominees eleven questions.

And here are Chloe’s questions for me!!

  1. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? First, I would wish for every child in the world who is hungry, naked, abused, or alone, to be given God’s love, fed, clothed, healed, and safe in someone’s arms. Second, I would wish for absolutely clear skin. Third, I would wish that I could own a 20 mile section of land in a forested mountainous area.
  2. Do you like hedgehogs? *looks up what they look like* Awww, they’re so cute! A’course I like them! XD
  3. Can you speak any languages other than English? I can’t really speak more than a few words in any given language, but I can *sort of* read a little Latin, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and, or course, English! 😉
  4. Do you like licorice? I can tolerate it, but it’s not my first choice of candy.
  5. Do you have any pet peeves? People (like my past self *shudders*) who focus on the bane of all teenage stupidity … crushes *shudders at having to utter that dirty word.* (Note that crushes are a natural part of life, but should simply not be the focus of our lives.)
  6. What’s your dream pet? Bay American Quarter Horse. *sighs* Just .. perfection.
  7. Do you have any allergies? No allergies, just sensitivities. I’ve gotten sick countless times after consuming sugar (and once after consuming pork.)
  8. What’s your biggest dream? (Go as big as you want!) Hmmmmm …. To own a youth camp and minister to the hearts and lives of teenagers, and hopefully to inspire them and help them find their passion in life. I see so much spiritual apathy in the lives of modern teens, even in the lives of some teens who call themselves Christians, and I want to build as much change as possible!
  9. What did you want to be when you were little? A firefighter, an actor, a star singer, a pilot, a detective, a lawyer, a spy, a girlfriend … *eye roll* I wanted it all, baby! Now I’m a little more realistic.
  10. What’s one website you tend to get lost on? (… *whispers* Pinterest…) Yes. Yes girl. Pinterest. And Whisk.
  11. Do you like to cook/bake, and if so, what do you like to make most? Quiche, definitely. Sorry Chloe, I know it sounds like I’m copying you here, (since quiche is a pie) but I guess we both find it therapeutic! (Plus, it tastes amazing! 😜)

For this award, I shall nominate …

(see bottom of post for 11 questions …)

The one award I’m doing which isn’t even remotely late is this one from Joy Caroline! Thanks for “nominating me” for the Sunshine Blogger Award, Joy!! 🤣

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Answer all the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your blog post.

Okay, now for the questions!

  1. Do you prefer the color pink or the color purple? Actually, that’s hard … I like them both! It depends on the shade. In purple, I like rich tones, but in pink, I’m starting to like more pale and muted tones.

2. What’s your favorite fruit? Mango!!! Or raspberry. I’m TORN!! XD

3. Where did you see God today? My own hypocrisy and lack of perfection reminded me that I have far to go in my sensitivity towards others. I want to love others the way that I’m meant to as a child of God.

4. Do you enjoy assembling puzzles? Yes! Although I haven’t in a while, I love doing flower/garden puzzles.

5. What is the last sentence you wrote in your work-in-progress? Alternatively (if you’re not a writer), what is the last sentence you read in a book, and which book was it?

(Okay all. Time for some backstory. This is a WIP which I have attempted to rewrite after completely losing it (although admittedly, I only had the ideas mapped out, so I didn’t lose much), and have hardly touched in the last few months, so here’s the last sentence in the first chapter (because the last sentence I wrote has no context whatsoever, and this sentence is cooler anyway. 😉)

“A raven cawed once, twice – Then there was nothing left to the night, except the soft howling of the wind.”

~ When Night Falls

I hope I really aggravated you writers out there with my fantastically mysterious excerpt. XD

6. Can you juggle? If you can’t, do you know someone who can? I can’t, but some of my brothers are passable! XD

7. What is your favorite element in the periodic table? I don’t know! *checks periodic table* Well, give me a while to pick a favorite, but in the meantime, I’ll just say the 79th, gold, abbreviated as “Au”.

8. Can you recite the alphabet backwards? Nope. *tries* Nope. Definitely can’t. Not unless I’m looking at it. 😉

9. What is your favorite adjective? *checks WIP* I love adjectives a LOT, but I try my best not to re-use them in at least a few chapters. XD I really like ‘stunning’, ‘tenacious’, ‘eclectic’, ‘dynamic’, and ‘ambitious’.

10. Did you eat breakfast this morning? Yes! I’m ravenous if I skip breakfast, so it’s probably a good thing that I consumed some eggs this morning! XD

11. What is your favorite book of the Bible? I can’t choose! I have so many favorites! But if I had to choose the one I would read the most, probably the Psalms and Proverbs. But I also love Isaiah, Ruth, and Ecclesiastes.

Thank you so much, Joy!! This was fun! 🤗

For this award, I nominate …

(see 11 questions below …)

Alrighty, here are my questions for those who have been nominated! (Phew, I ran out of people to nominate! Let’s say that if your name contains the letter “a”, you are hereby nominated for any award you want to do! Be sure to comment with the link to your post below, I would really enjoy reading it!)

  1. Have you ever gone on a hike by yourself? Did you enjoy it?
  2. Do you want to be famous someday?
  3. Do you like or dislike perogies? For what reason?
  4. Should mathematics be banned from the school system requirements entirely? *please say no*
  5. What flavor chocolate is your favorite, or what flavor would you invent?
  6. What movie, podcast, or article really made you deeply contemplate a sensitive topic?
  7. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, which one(s)?
  8. How high is your pain tolerance?
  9. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like the kind of education you are enrolled in? (ie, high school, college, university, etc.)
  10. What is the extent of your cooking/baking experience?
  11. What is one thing you are super passionate about? (My signature question!)

Thanks everyone for sticking around! I hope you enjoyed this post!



11 thoughts on “Lotsa Tags And Awards!!

  1. Chloë

    Aww, darn, the minute I saw my name I was like “hehe I’m gonna tag her back and this could go on forever”, but alas, alas. XD 😉 Thank you for tagging me! I’m excited to answer the questions.
    I loved reading all your answers to all your questions! Especially the ones I asked, hehe. Wait one second. Had you never seen a hedgehog before you looked it up? 0.0

    Liked by 1 person

    • makaylajesalyn

      Bwahhhaaaaa hilarious!! XD You’re so so welcome, I’m excited to read your post! And I THINK I’d seen a hedgehog before, but I didn’t remember them as being super cute, just kinda spiky! XD

      Liked by 1 person

    • makaylajesalyn

      Absolutely! And I’m excited to see your answers!! 🤗

      Oh, I don’t mind! XD I wouldn’t refer to myself under any denomination, but I would use Paul’s words to describe the way I believe: “a follower of the Way.” In my faith, I seek to act as the saints, as described in Revelations 14:12 – “those who keep the commands of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” I believe the whole Bible is true and relevant to my life today (as I believe you do as well!) and seek to show my belief not only in my words, but in my deeds as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amber

        That’s a great answer! I am also non-denominational 😊. But I believe that if you have a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, believe that He is your Lord and Savior, and that He died and rose again to wipe away your sin, you are a part of Christ’s family!

        And yes it is so important to not just tell others about the Gospel, but to be Jesus’ hands and feet and show it through our actions!

        Liked by 2 people

      • makaylajesalyn

        Great! And I wholly agree with your answer as well – its so good to know what you believe and be able to describe it and share it with others!

        Liked by 2 people

    • makaylajesalyn

      Oh, for sure!! (I honestly haven’t been working on the story too faithfully – my plot is kind of scattered! But I’ve got some whimsical little ideas that I’m excited for; think “historical/biblical fiction”, the Mediterranean, and bureaucracy. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • makaylajesalyn

      Oh, for sure! I’m excited to read whatever fantastic creation you come up with to write! And thank you! That sentence is definitely one of my favorites! *embarrassed blush*

      Liked by 1 person

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