The Touch of the Master’s Hand

Hey everyone! I’d like to give a shout-out to my friend Kellan’s blog! He just started up and I know he’s got awesome stuff coming up in the future, so head over and give him a follow!

His most recent post was a poem written by Myra Brooks Welch. I invite you to read it too. I loved it because I know I’ve failed so many times, I’m imperfect, and everyone else can see it. But Yahweh sees my potential as well as my imperfections, and he can make something beautiful out of the broken and scarred.

Questioner's Corner

‘Twas battered and scarred,
And the auctioneer thought it
hardly worth his while
To waste his time on the old violin,
but he held it up with a smile.

“What am I bid, good people”, he cried,
“Who starts the bidding for me?”
“One dollar, one dollar, Do I hear two?”
“Two dollars, who makes it three?”
“Three dollars once, three dollars twice, going for three,”

But, No,
From the room far back a gray bearded man
Came forward and picked up the bow,
Then wiping the dust from the old violin
And tightening up the strings,
He played a melody, pure and sweet
As sweet as the angel sings.

The music ceased and the auctioneer
With a voice that was quiet and low,
Said “What now am I bid for this old violin?”
As he held it aloft with its’ bow.

“One thousand, one thousand, Do I hear two?”

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