My journey to becoming more efficient!

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No one ever has as busy a schedule as you, right? Wrong!

Even I think that often, but the truth is that people make time for what they care about, and put those things into their schedule. Everyone has the potential to overbook themselves (*raises hand*!)

Not only can taking things OUT of your schedule help with efficiency, so can putting things in!


I know it sounds counterintuitive, but keep in mind that things like breaks, replacing ill-spent time with productive work, patience, determination, and perseverance, can all work together towards a WAY better usage of your time! Everyone has the same amount of time, so we should all use it well.

Things I could cut out (or minimize) to increase my efficiency:

  • Project Research. Only a few of the things I read on the internet help my creativity, and it will be better for me to stay away from the screen as much as possible, especially since I already do my schoolwork on the laptop.
  • Self-reflection. It’s important, for sure, but with years and years of homeschooling and most of my friends being scared to open the windows lately, I’m pretty sure I know myself quite well enough, thank you. 😉
  • Cutting out sleeping in the morning. I know it sounds crazy! But I don’t want to stay up late and sleep in, I want to go to bed early and wake up 30 minutes earlier (6:30 AM.)
  • I need to cut out negative attitudes toward positive assignments and/or activities, and insert a positive attitude.
  • Writing. I’m a gal who really loves her notes, outlines, story ideas, lists, sketches, posters, project ideas … you get the picture! It’s very time-consuming, and although I love it, my creative writing often keeps me from doing my homework-assigned writing. I need to get the necessary stuff done first.
  • Reading. After taking this business course, I censor a lot of what I read. My motto is “read only gold.” I will read on almost any topic but it has to be worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, my love of reading can come between me and my school reading books as well!
  • Blogging. Ron Paul Curriculum introduced me to blogging, and I am grateful that I have learned in the first few months to stick to following only the few people who give me the best information.
  • Discussion Forum. It doesn’t take long, but it occupies a ton of headspace. And I am SO done with forum vibes! So I’m gone. Maybe I’ll return someday.
  • Multitasking. I love it, and I wish it always worked, but it doesn’t. Unfortunately.

Even cutting out or minimizing the above doesn’t mean I’ll immediately be more efficient, but I have noticed instant results, like a clearer head, more enjoyment in school, and more school done in a day!

Stay awesome, y’all!



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