Lesson 15 – Why to run your own business in 2030 – or sooner

Photo by Ju00c9SHOOTS on Pexels.com

Coming up in the near future is … expanding computerization. Moore’s law, as related to technology, posits that it will grow exponentially, and although eventually it will grow so great and so small that it can’t grow anymore, we will still have to deal with the consequences of approaching technology.

The greatest problem facing us in the early 2000s is the issue of robotics and computers, having been designed to be more capable and take on more tasks than before. This will take away the jobs pertaining to things like mathematics, transportation, and plenty of simple and heavy-duty physical tasks. The reason we have to worry about losing our jobs to metal computers is that human time is more expensive than the cost it takes to run a machine. If employers can get workers that do a better job and cost them less money, trust me, they will. The robots just might take over … (the workforce, not the world!) … and there will not be as many job opportunities – so you are gonna have to sink or swim.

The best way to stay ahead of the computers is to be your own person, your own boss, the owner of your own company, so you don’t lose out to robots in the workplace.

DISCLAIMER ALERT!!! Listen closely. Money and business is not everything. Being successful in life will not solve your problems, not even your money problems. Get into good habits and mental and emotional health, and you will find that your life will not (and should certainly not) comprise mostly of the workplace, but should consist of good hard work and things that improve YOU.

Now. There are so many ways that running your own business will help you. In fact, my essay is loosely structured on how it might help you in 2030.

1) You are essential to your business. In the everyday workforce, such as the people at the coffee shop and the bank – they are replaceable. If you have your own business, there is no danger of your being fired.

2) Time management. You choose how much time to put in. You choose how much energy you are willing to put in. You choose how you will expand your business, hire employees, and portray your services. Essentially, what this adds up to is being in control of your life.

3) Capital. If you manage your business right, you will eventually have a healthy, thriving business that could be worth something to others if you so choose to sell it or pass it along to your descendants.

I’m sure there are an uncountable number of reasons, both general and specific, that running your own business is beneficial to you. We’ll be covering more on personal businesses later on.



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